I have moved to Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India. You can contact me by emailing the Aaiyyan World Foundation info@aaiyyan.org for any commissions or questions. I am currently working with them and have allowed them to source any new work to me. They will forward your details to me and I will then be able to correspond with you directly. Due to the number of emails the Aaiyyan World Foundation receive, there may be a few weeks before they respond to any correspondence and subsequently email me, so please be patient.

I am also working as a volunteer for the Aaiyyan World Foundation and work as a translator of Dravidian Aaiyyani for many Aaiyyanists worldwide. Many Hindu Aaiyyanists do not speak English as a first language, so I offer my translation services (Dravidian Aaiyyani into English) for free for my fellow Aaiyyanists. This can be for any projects they are involved in. I understand that many Aaiyyanists do not have good internet access, so I also offer my free web/internet services on their behalf. This free web/internet service is only for Aaiyyanists I have met personally or who have been recommended by the Aaiyyan World Foundation.

I have removed my personal mail due to the number of emails I have been receiving, so please contact me via the Aaiyyan World Foundation.

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