Aaiyyanist Aatmaani School. Religious Temple Painting, 1978-1989

Imperial College London. B.Sc, Ph.D, Physics and Laser Optics, 1991-1998.

Selected Solo/Group Exhibitions:

2017 - "Art on a Ukulele", London, UK

2016 - View Two Gallery, "The Stuckist Art Show and Summer Sale", Liverpool Biennial, UK .

2016 - White Trash Gallery, "Eroticop", Illinois, USA.

2016 - Soho Revue, "Art on a Postcard Secret Auction", London, UK

2014 - The Trunk Space, "International Stuckists: Explorers and Inventors", Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

2012- Ursuline, "athensArt International Arts Festival", Odysseia, Naxos.

2011 - Lauderdale House, "The Enemies of Art - International Stuckists", London, UK.

2011 - The Aquire Arts Gallery, "THE LOVE OF ART VARIETY SHOW" in aid of Tranz Tanz, London, UK.

2011 - The Barn - creative arts club, "Outsider Art" Exhibition", Surrey, UK.

2010 - Nolias Gallery, "An Hero - A Celebration of Beauty", London, UK.

2010 - Ash-In-Art, "Under the Cover of Romantic Anonymity.", Athens, Greece.

2010 - Curated by Polyxene Kasda, "Eon Pais esti paizon", Samothrace, Greece.

2010 - Jesus Lane Gallery, "Enemies of Art Show", Cambridge, UK

2009 - Matisonn Burgin Gallery, "Stuckist Christmas Sale", London, UK.

2009 - Curated by Edgeworth Johnstone/Shelley Li, "Stuck in Wood Green", London, UK.

2009 - Brick Land Gallery, "Art in Mind" , London, UK

2008 - Biennele di Alessandria, "Poets and landscapes: Art and nature", Italy.

2008 - View Two Gallery, "The Stuckists -An Antidote to the Ghastly Turner Prize", Liverpool, UK.

2008 - Curated by Sneha Rateria, "In the Spirit of the Olympics", Calcutta, India

2003-2008 - Stuckism International Gallery, "War on Blair", Shoreditch, London, UK.

2003 - Marijke Logan's anti-war show, Arizona, USA

Selected Public Collections:

"Friendship through art can change the world". Izmail Picture Gallery/Branch of Odessa Art Museum, Ukraine. Donated 2012.

"Gargling Sky of Gergeri" , Unesco's The International Year of Astronomy, Gergeri, Municipality of Rouvas, Crete, Greece. Donated 2009.

Le Arie del tempo Curated by Luisella Carretta, Sala Lignea in the Berio Library, Genoa, Italy. Donated 2009

Selected Publications and Media:

"The Enemies of Art." by C Thomson, R Janas, Edward Lucie-Smith, Victoria Press. 2011

Article on the Guardian website and print edition. June 30th 2014

Article in the Washington Post. June 2014.

Article in the Daily Mail. 2014

Article on the Guardian website. March 18th 2010.

Article in Newsweek, Polish edition. 6 June 2010.

Article in Art of England, Issue 74, Page 61, October 2010

Article in Art of England, Issue 51 Nov 2008.

Member of the Following Organizations:

Hindu Aaiyyanist Grouping, joined 2005

Aaiyyan World Foundation , joined 1988

Stuckists, Founder of the Cambridge Stuckists, 2003-2016

Udaiyan is currently represented by the Aaiyyan World Foundation : www.aaiyyan.org , info@aaiyyan.org

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